Sunday, October 27, 2013

brake and clutch levers

I changed the brake and clutch levers to Original stuff.

the old ones (not even Honda, but they have the cool ribbed levers and no mirror mounts):

(old pic, back then still with alloy top plate)

the new ones, original Honda as used on the racebikes with the springs and big adjusters:

Okay, they have mirror mounts, but according to my CR110 parts list, there wasn't even a different part number for the ones without mounts.

Made the cables with original NOS grey cables, thin 6mm with special endcaps made to fit the adjusters that are made for 7mm cables. Thinner cables save weight :P and it just looks better on a small displacement bike.
After this I started getting all the pieces together for the rear brake cable, will probably finish it tomorrow.

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