Wednesday, October 9, 2013

RSC90 is on the lift again

The RSC is on the lift again, this will be the winter that some modifications will be made.
I've started on the foot pegs, they are going up for ground clearance. The original CYB pegs were just to low and will be moved to a CB72 project that some day will be built for street use. In the picture can be seen a new bracket made to fit the CB72 alloy plates, temporarily mounted the CR110 brake pedal and then built the brake cable stay and stopper screw fitment.

just needs some grinding to finish it off and then it can go to the zinc-plater.

other planned modifications:
- build a new front fender
- replace rear hub with original S90 part (CD50 until now)
- fix 4speed gearbox and make it close ratio
- fit 122cc kit
and if possible, fit fairing, build new tank, paint.......and so on

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