Friday, December 20, 2013

aluminium casting, second try

Today, I tried casting some more parts in aluminium, a bit more difficult shapes this time.

Method as explained by myfordboy
first you fill the "top" and mould the models in.

Then you make the bottom, and scrap the top, as it will not have been formed fully under the models you poked into the sand. Risers in place.

New top made, ready for metal.

One CR110 shift lever and a not fully formed RS125 footpeg.

As the oven was warm and I had some more molten metal, I hurried to make another mold and cast another RS125 footpeg, this one is fully formed and can be used even though the underside isn't that pretty because I made a small mistake.

Time to start experimenting with some new sand I bought and to make more casings for making molds, so next time I will be able to cast more at a time.

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