Thursday, March 13, 2014

a little more progress

Been stuck at home for a little while because of an injury to my foot, but that gave my time to work on my C110 street bike.
The correct rear brake pedal for a high exhaust came in just a few days ago, and I think that was pretty much the last part I needed, while I am putting it together I'm not sure what to do with the exhaust.
I have an original high muffler, but it has some scrapes and rusty bits and the protectors are pretty bad, so another option that I would think goes really well with the seat, would be a racing muffler. original ones are made from "unobtainium", so I will probably have to make it myself. Made a mockup with paper to get the idea and put on the original racing protector that I have, just like the one on the C110 racer I'm building.

And then how to build it, with the mountings to the original muffler mount just before the shock, as it is pictured in the manual. or to the upper shock mount, as all megaphones are, that I've seen, but even though that is probably more original I think that doesn't look all that nice.

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