Monday, March 24, 2014

oil lines and other tiny bits

While building I still find small things to improve and order new parts for, such as the oil lines. I wanted these to run up to the carburetor again, just like original, as I had run it with only one line from the case directly to the head, but in cold weather this resulted in a frozen carb.
So I ordered new oil lines, to bend them in the right shape and not one that had evolved over multiple owners fiddling with them.

Also fitted NOS grips and had quite a fight getting them on as they were a little tight and just a bit hardened over time.

Cables are in place, as I also ordered a new clutch cable so everything would match in color, made a new throttle cable and replaced the blue sheath on the dimmer switch with some grey so that would match too.

Just a few little thing to do before I can take the bike apart again, so I can take it down the stairs to rebuild it on the ground floor and get it running.

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