Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ignition up and...not running yet

Yesterday I finished the ignition on the C110 "race" engine, I wanted something a bit lighter then the stock flywheel, but I didn't want to run a battery.
So I modified a backplate off one of those cheap inner rotor pitbike ignitions to fit into the C110 case.
Used a 6v-12v tap converter meant for an OHC engine to fit the rotor, and a little tinkering to get everything lined up.

The engine went back in the frame and I mounted the CDI-unit and coil, easy access on the side and it just fits under my narrowed cover. Checked it to see that I had spark and then made an off switch in my throttle housing, from an old CB72 starter button.

Getting really close to starting her up for the first time, I'm interested to hear what the weight loss on the crankshaft will sound like.

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