Sunday, February 3, 2013


Yes I've gone over to the kitakkiewakkie-craft side....
I've traded a spare CL70 head, which are quite rare over here, against a takegawa superhead with worn valves and some more little issues.

Today my dad was looking around for something to do, so I gave him the cilinderhead to go and play with :P
Guides were reamed from 5mm tot 5,5, to fit standard S90 valves, seats were cut, head was glassbeadblasted and the valvelift was checked with the cam that came with it. This all looked good and it will become the cilinderhead for my SS50 racer project.
Now just to decide on a gearbox and clutch.

I've heard that a German friend might have a spare clutch, he races an SS50 engined kreidler, but I sadly can't find any contact information.
If you know this guy, or if you are him, could you give me an E-mail?

Kennen sie die fahrer dieser renn-Honda, bitte senden sie ein E-mail

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