Wednesday, February 20, 2013

new rims......four of 'm

Okay, its winter over here, so the bikes are inside for now, I don't want them to rot away because of the salt on the roads. So The V-double-U is getting used a lot.
But I happenend to hit a patch of ice that caused me to crash into a curb, puncturing one of my front tyres....
The other front was pretty much worn, and so are the rear ones on my set of 15" BBS rims.
For now I have some old 14" rims, that I really don't like the look off, so I had to decide about getting 4 new tyres for the summer, or getting completely new wheels.
I decided on new wheels, a new look, something different:

For now they are still inside untill the weather clears, but I wanted to get a quick look so I took this picture with the wheels standing in front of my car. It will actually become lower with the low profile 13" tyres, so I hope I can still get over the speedbumps.

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