Sunday, February 24, 2013

Front forks

I've been collecting front fork parts to upgrade two of my bikes. I want my SS50 motorcycle to have thicker front forks, as it struggles with the original 25mm forks while at the same time I would like to upgrade the SS50 race project with stiffer yokes and better internals.
By now I've found pretty much everything, so I've started work on it.

These yokes will have the handlebarmounts removed to look like MT125R yokes, the clamp will be more stable then the bolted type.

Forktubes will be replaced by MT5 tubes that will be shortened, thes also have the big plugs on top that match with the clamped yoke. The internals will be made as a copy of an MT125R forkleg, which actually has some sort of damper. Sadly loose parts are not available, but I have a forkleg on loan to copy from.

As the forks were out of the frame, this was also the right time to weld on a fairing stay:

that was some slight progress on this project, I've also started on the front fender, but that is on hold again, as I had some parts for another project

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