Tuesday, February 26, 2013

change of tank

A friend of mine had a spare SS50 tank of the early type, thanx HJ.
A long time ago I wanted to build my SS50 with this model of tank, but for some reason I never did. Now I have the tank, my vietnamese seat now has the mounts adapted for it, as the baseplate allready had the shock-cutouts in the right place for this tank.

Now to find a set of chrome tankpanels and kneerubbers. But I do like the look, just that bit more sporty then a CD50 tank. I think I'll also switch back to skinny chrome fenders to complete the look.


  1. Nice.. Spatborden houden zo !

  2. If you want to get rid of the SS50 tank i'd be interested. Kevin at nixoid d0tc0m