Wednesday, August 27, 2014

after Den Helder

Den Helder went pretty well, the RSC90 ran like a top but once back in the workshop I discovered the cilinder base gasket is leaking some oil, so sadly I will have to open up the engine.

picture from the CRT website
Note the 4LS front brake is back in there and this time it worked.

The longer brake lever on the C110 front hub didn't do what I hoped it would, still pretty much no front brakes and they became really hot, so I decided on making some cooling holes in the hub.

Angled so the rotation of the wheel will create a vacuum to draw out the hot air.

Maybe I want to create some sort of small air scoop on the brake plate just above the lever, but I'll have to put the wheel back in the bike to see if that wouldn't look horrible, and this is now how the bike stands:

Rear brake was terrible also, so swapped some brakeshoes and having everything skimmed to fit again.

On the bench also a bigger front hub, replica CR110 built to match the forks in the past, but I want to try and keep the original C110 hub, it looks nicer.

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