Sunday, August 3, 2014

bigend trouble

During the last event at Gramsbergen, I blew up the S90, The bigend totally expired causing damage to the piston, cylinder, valves and of course the crankshaft itself.
This is what was left of the bigend bearing, the rest of the aluminium cage could be found all over the insides of the engine.

As I was running a 53mm bigbore kit, I can't just go for a different crank and an oversize piston, so I decided on getting plan B out and building me a stroker/bigbore engine as I had planned a long time ago.
Now built with an ATC110 crank and cylinder that is bored out for an ATC110 56mm bigbore piston, combined with a ported and modified C90 head to fit all S90 internals from the other engine that wouldn't fit in the ATC110 head.
Also in different cases that where bored to except the ATC110 cylinder but still with the same 4speed close ratio gearbox that I ran in the other engine.

Note the extra bolts in the right cylinder head cover, these are for the oilcooler that also has been added this season.

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  1. Ziet er goed uit, ben benieuwd naar het resultaat op het circuit !