Monday, August 11, 2014

New front brake for the RSC90

With the S90 forks I've had the issue that under braking, the forks twist with the single sided brake. It's not a big problem, but it just doesn't feel that confident.
So what I wanted to do about that, was to create a double sided drum brake. As a test for that I started the homemade 160mm single sided brakeplate to see if a homemade brake could be up to my standards as for rigidity of the plate and so on.

But then I found something online in Japan: an original CB125RSC front brake

It took some time and effort to get it over here, with thanks to the great service of Masato But I got it, a real original NOS Honda 4LS front brake. Dreams come true.

This would become my new brake for the RSC90, a fork brace would have been a lot cheaper to stiffen up the forks but no way as cool as this.
So I started on making all the other little things needed to fit the hub, like the cable splitter:

machined it from billet aluminium, from pictures of the original CB125RSC and RC166 splitters, I just kept it a little bit smaller to match the tiny build of the S90.

I had spokes made to fit my 18x1,50 DID rim so the hub could be laced up.

ah look how beautifully tiny the hub is, only a 130mm but 4LS, making it cute and tough at the same time.

Making brake anchors out of aircraft grade aluminium

And as always, the last step is to make the cables, made from 2 original grey ss50 brake cables that were discoloured just a bit so they match the other cables.

and the endresult, including my newly built bigbore stroker motor:

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