Saturday, May 22, 2010

BMW test

I've been riding my R90/6 for a little while now, and I am starting to get used to it, but at first I thought it was a real heavy beast that didn't want to go round corners. Making it into a caferacer would then only make that worse, with narrow clip-on bars and such.

When I was young (about 15 years ago?) my dad built a BMW caferacer together with Jan Hoogstraten who stil ownes the bike. We asked him if we could borrow it for me to experience what a BMW caferacer would feel like. Here it is next to my R90/6

I've only ridden it for a few kilometers now, but it isn't disappointing, I want to ride it some more, to get a good feel of the bike, but I think I'll keep my R90/6 to turn it into the JBT-interceptor styled caferacer I had planned.

The M10s on the back is the name of the bike, being compiled of the enginetype; R90s and my dad's name; Martien ("tien" means "10" in dutch)
Note the single sided paralever swingarm from a later type.

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