Friday, May 7, 2010

Shopping at the local Honda store

This evening I went shopping, the CB100 needed a new throttle slide for the handlebars, as the old one was pretty well worn. And then I allways think of other things I might need.
Like I want to put blinkers on my ss50 motorcycle, but don't have a switch for it. I have CB type switches on the bike, because of the normal throttle in combination with the clip-on bars. When browsing thru the CB50 parts at the shop I found an english style CB50 switch in new condition.

Although I don't really want to take it appart to use only the top half, I bought it anyway, maybe someone I know would be happy with it to use on their german CB50 as they don't have high/low switches.
Also in the CB50 bin, this nice SS50Zk1? switch with the separate on/off switch and (p-L-H) on top instead of (off-L-H), I know these were used on general export SS50Zk1's with the racing style seat. I just couldn't leave it, with this I can also have a parking light on one of my SS50's. Not because I need it, but just because it is possible.

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