Sunday, May 2, 2010

First event of the year

Last friday was the first event of this year, in Nieuw Vennep there was a section of industrial area where they created a track. In the morning we had some rain in training, but in the afternoon for the first heat the sun began to shine, with the second heat the track had almost completely dried up. I had to get used to the CB50 again, as this was the first ride since last season, but I've got the hang of it again. Some pictures with thanks to Lea Langezaal.

Me (75) chasing Cor on his sachs (57)

more pictures of this event found on the CRT website


  1. Hallo Ronald, would you start next weekend in Twello? And is this an race only in the morning, or..?
    Thanks for more infos. Thomas

  2. Hello, just saw your reaction, I did start in Twello, but there are more events near the German border if you want to see the CB50 in person, check the CRT website, also for dayplanning. training in the morning, "races" in the afternoon.

  3. Thx,... good luck and great website with intersting ideas! Hope, I will be at the next race