Saturday, May 22, 2010


The SS50 motorcycle had some problems with the clutch slipping through at high speeds when asking full power. As this weekend I want to ride it in a night time honda-run, I wanted this fixed, so I opened up the engine, even though it has not even run more than 500km yet.

I found that the clutchsprings I had put in, where probably new as there was still yellow paint on them, but they were weak compared to the new springs I had with partnumber: 22401-036-000.
when measured at compression to 15mm the yellow springs had 5kg while the 036-springs had 8kg.
So new springs were mounted with new plates, as you don't know if they might have been warped from slipping, although I saw no blue spots on them.
First testrun it seems okay, lets see if it will hold.

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