Friday, May 7, 2010

engine building

The building of the racing engine has really begun.

I've fitted the altered 4speed gearbox with 3-4 made a little closer.
Fitted the best cranck I have with new bearings, oil-pump cleaned and fitted with new gaskets.

Gear shift drum turned out to be a bit different from the one that was in this engine originally.
That one had a circular plate on it as I know off the SS50 engines, but it couldn't be fitted to this gear shift drum, as it is a bit longer and then the clover shaped plate on the end wouln't fall onto its guidepin. So no extra plate here, should be no problem.

Next was the shift shaft, both shafts I had were bent, I bought a new one, but that didn't fit. The shaft was 0.5mm thicker where it shoulf fit into the right cranckcase and it had no bushing for the spring to fit over.

Now the shaft is turned down on the lathe, and a loose bush is made to fit over it, just as in the newer engines. so it fits in my old cases without altering them.

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