Friday, February 4, 2011

90's of australia

As seen before on my blog, Stew Ross has an S90 he is converting into an RSC. He sent me pictures regularly and we exchange ideas about our builds.
Here is one of the most recent pictures of his bike.

Keihin CR26 carb added and note the MT125R top crown plate with the racing brake and clutch levers.

Rencently I recieved some pictures from Mark Knowles, also from australia, and also building an S90 racebike. He has his engine all finished, bored and stroked to 124cc (54x54) with lightened cranck, clutch, rockers, valves, well almost everything actually.

I hope to see the progress as these bikes are being completed.

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  1. So what's the alloy tank from? It's very interesting - I'm sure it'd be a much better fitment on a CUB/PASSPORT frame, wouldn't it? I really like it, and I've got these two C70 builds slated in the not-too-distant future. I'd really rather put some alloy toaster tanks on 'em than use the under-seat version. Bigger capacity means longer trekking, too. Well, not to mention the big-bore gas-guzzler motors. It would be super-cool to connect the under-seat tank WITH a backbone style tank, to utilize both spaces. Well, maybe the under-seat section would make a good air-box? Either way, the whole point would be to fill in the underbone gap and give it more of an S90/SS50 type of feel....