Sunday, February 20, 2011

C110 engine build

The gasket set is in from the UK, thanks to ebay, so the engine could be put together again, and that is what I've been doing this weekend.
As said before, the 5speed gearbox wouldn't fit, so the original 4 speed has gone back in, it was in great shape, so no work needed there, only some new bearings. The same applied for the crankshaft, new bearings and a cleaning to get rid of the old castrol racing oil.
As this engine was used for racing, there was no kickstart shaft, I didn't find a complete new unit (yet), so I've decided to keep the racing pedigree alive and block off the hole with a nice alloy plug.
The alloy clutchplate had some bad grooves in it, so I replced it with a new one I had laying around, together with new steel and lined plates, this should work fine again.
Also mounted the breather unit to the clutch cover, together with the blocked kickstarthole, this gives a nice racing-look.

After this I mounted the 45mm cylinder and piston, so I'm ready for some head-work.

To complete this motor I will need to find some more parts, because I'd rather not cannibalize the running C110 engine that is now under the bike. Enyone who can help me with a clutch adjuster cover, ignition and ignition cover? And if possible an intake manifold and carburetor?
Although I'm thinking of putting on a bigger carb, should be 1960's kei-hin, with a racing look, something like a CB160 powerjet carb, if I can find it.

And don't mind the allenbolts, they will be replaced with original crossheads, will be ordered together with oilseals and some other parts still needed.

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