Monday, February 14, 2011


The S90 has a nice breather with labirynth dipstick, but the rules say I also have to have a bottle to catch any oil coming out, if anything were to go wrong.
I couldn't decide what to do, it should look a bit retro, maybe an old oilcan, but what I found was too big. This is a small bike, it should have a small bottle that does not interfear too much with the lines of the bike.
When holding some bottle's upto the bike, this is what I came up with:

Generic plastic bottle hold by a honda inletrubber-clamp off a cb450, resting on the brakelightswitchmount (anyone for scrable?)

Also the electrics are finished,
might be running them inside the frame, but for now this works, I've seen less pretty solutions on original old RSC pictures.

It is a racebike, it should be functional, this can mean it will be a bit raw, but I like that on old racebikes.
I'd rather see a bike, fresh from the track with ducktape and lockwire repaires then an over-restored one.

This is how my bike looks now, just need to make a tank.... like it's nothing.
Then fit the seat and a fairing.
Or number plates, as it would be a shame to hide the mechanics.

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  1. Your blog gives me lots of inspiration to someday get my S90 running, thank you for that.