Saturday, March 13, 2010


My dad did some more work on the exhaust, rear bracket is made and welded to the muffler, front bracket is being built and the pipe aligns with the muffler and the exhaustport. Brackets are made in the style honda used to make them, with a doubling plate on the thinwall muffler where the bracket is welded to with big "ugly" welds.
Pretty hard to make ugly welds when you're used to making things look slick.

Also in the picture, the C320 frame cover I picked up today from Ralph Who is helping me out a lot in sourcing parts and knowledge of the S90.

Front bracket is modeled after a CYB72 megaphone bracket.

and another great help to my project that Ralph had laying around
the engine that will solve all my problems, like a cracked clutch, stripped threads and.....

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