Sunday, March 21, 2010

Passed the test

We went to Leerdam today to have the 90 looked over by the CRT club officials who determine what gets allowed onto the tracks. Not to much rules to follow here, just that it needs to be old enough and that it looks like a racebike from the past. No discbrakes, no space-age materials.

Some pictures of the day:
My bike unloaded, quite a lot of other people bringing new bikes.

A honda CB250 or 350, still needing a lot of work, but with some nice period aftermarket finned points covers.

CB72, also with some work to do, but a real 60's honda. Still in the van, next to a Ducati that was completed.

Triumph sidecar owned and raced by Ella and Stef, Ella used to be the passenger in my dad's sidecar outfit, now she will be riding this, with her boyfriend as a passenger.

Nice Ducati

MV Agusta

And a real nice NSU, sheetsteel frame and leading link front forks, lots of beatifull small details. I like bikes that are a bit different then the general idea of what a racer should look like. (tubular frame, ceriani forks and a factory twincam or two stroke engine)

And what it was all for, the decal on the headstock

My bike is allowed into the club. Now just a lot more work to get it finished, but at least I'm sure it will not be in vain.

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