Sunday, March 28, 2010

SS50 muffler

Couldn't get my Jama muffler to sound right without major rebuilding, it is probably made for a twostroke engine, so I decided to go a different route. A long time ago I bougt a secondhand CB100 exhaust on ebay for 15,- now I cut off the header to use only the muffler on my C320 header.
Next to the Jama muffler, almost the same size, just a bit smaller at the front, 29,5mm internally where the Jama has a 32mm fitment.
Mounted; looks nice, a bit more like the original with the welds on the top and bottom.
Now it sounds like a Honda should, allmost exactly like our CB100, and I had my first testrun with it.
The 5speed gearbox is nice and close, only first gear is really short, made some adjustments to the needle to get it running better in the midrange, but that might change again when the engine gets run-in.

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