Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Front brakestay

As seen in older pictures, my front brakestay was a triangle with some parts blacked out with a waterproof marker. The brakestay was made a long time ago for a project that changed so this wouldn't fit anymore, but now it came in handy for the S90. It was still a triangle as would be made for european bikes with grimeca or ceriani brakes, but I wanted it to look more like an original honda brakestay.
Old honda Racers had steel lower legs, with the brakestay mounted to one bolt, that was mostly on the rear in the middle of the lower leg, like the early CB72 also has it. Later bikes had aluminium lower legs like the S90 with 2 bolts for the fender, in that case the brakestay would be mounted to the rear bolt which was M8 instead of M6 for the fender.
As S90 lower legs are aluminium with 2 bolts, I decided to copy the later style of brakestay, only the S90 has only M6 bolts, so both will be used for strength, but the stay is cut away at the front to make it look like it is only going to the rear bolt.

Allways use the longest bolts possible for the brakestay, if you don't, the thin castings of the legs can break. I had this happen with my CB50 racer because there were helicoils in the holes, therefore only 9mm of the threads were used, luckaly this happened at 10km/h, otherwise I might not have lived to tell the tail.

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