Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exhaust part 2

My dad finished the exhaust yesterday, front mount is welded to the pipe and the silencer was made to fit into the back of the megaphone without it being visible from the outside. There is even a reverse cone on the end, which is one piece with the the megaphone, just like the original honda racing mufflers. The silencer has a smaller diameter to fit thru the reverse cone and is mounted with a bracket and 1 bolt from the underside of the muffler.

Also note the paddockstand, it is made to look like the originals from honda, and just a little bit different from the stand I have for my 50. When looking at old pictures, allmost no 2 stands are the same.

The complete bike as it stands now, front fender is aftermarket SS50, just to see how my front brake cable could be fitted, will be replaced by an aluminium fender.
But it is really starting to look like a complete bike.


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