Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today I was looking for some levers and perches for a project of chalopy , sadly the supply of leftovers is running low.
I also went thru all the levers I collected for the CR110 replica project and other rare honda levers.

The top set is early CB92, with cables that have the spring to fixate the special adjusters , also used in the CYB racekit.
Under that, a set of Bridgestone levers, not actually Honda, but they have the rib on the back, just like the original Honda racing levers and no mirrormount, perfect for a racebike.
And under that are 3 sets of CR110 (street) levers, also used on some scramblers. Offcourse the racebikes had no mirrormounts, but those are unobtainable. Even in the partslist they have the same numbers as the type with mirrormounts. One set has the special adjusters, what means someone cut the cables as they are supposed to be one piece with the cable. I also have some aftermarket cables with the correct adjusters for the other leversets.

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