Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What it used to look like

Here some pictures of my SS50 moped, of what it used to look like in all the years I've had it. Many parts have changed in these last 10 years, but the frame is still the same one I started with.
First months I had a modified high muffler, that has been used a lot in the past years.
Changed the swingarm because it was rotten, to a widened C320 swingarm. also a different taillight.
Other seat, with metal tail. Wanted it painted to match the gastank in blue, but that never happened.
Didn't like the modern yamaha discbrake, got original forks and drum with BMW handlebars that were laying around.
Quickly changed the bars for a lower chromed type.
Note the custom homemade headlight with C50 speedo.

The headlight broke because the fixingscrew rotted in the threads and when I tried to loosen it, it cracked.
So back to my old yamaha steel headlight, now with CB50 speedo. And again the clip-ons. Also a dream50 taillight on an aftermarket rear fender, nice and small.
Changed the top plate for an alloy type from a CB100 with the handlebarmounts filed off.
And then the forks broke, because I had my brakeshoes lined with realy good material.
By now I had bought my CB50 with a load of parts, including forks and wheels, so the SS50 got CB50 forks with discbrake again. Not because I liked it, or because it was a good brake (it isn't) but because I didn't want to break more forklegs.
The front fork were too skinny, so fitted covers from an SS with headlight and speedo
Mounted an aftermarket SS50 front fender, needs some grinding and bending to fit to the CB50 forks, but still it looked like crap, because off the poor quality of the fender.
Found myself a CB125J front fender that bolts right to the forks, only needed a thicker front tyre.
Traded my long seat against an original short seat with metal tailpiece, rarer then rockinghorsepoo here in Holland. And changed the exhaust to a new extended dax exhaust.
Sold the dax exhaust within 500km, because I found an original semi-high muffler, used but only 15,- and some cleaning work to do.
Then the respray, and it looked allmost like the original 5speed model.
Wanted more of a caferacer again, so fitted fake clip-ons that mounted on top of the top plate. The seat is an original K1 short type, still had the one with tailpiece, but my girlfriend wanted to ride along. Front fender was copied from the cb750 out of the "Joe bar" comics. And note the dream50 taillight was swapped for a real old one.
By now I had enough of crappy discbrakes and wanted a drum again. So a full rebuild after the winter. Older style front forks, without rubber parts, aluminium headlight with inbuilt speedo, small blinkers and many freshly painted parts together with the old wheel from my CB50 racer.
Didn't like the long tank with classic forks, so changed it for a CD50 tank with aftermarket seat, had to change the mounts on the frame to have this fitted.
Different swingarm with full chaincase, for the classic look.
And to make it a bit more sporty, the handlebars were swapped for another set of fake-clipons, homemade and lower that the old ones I had.


  1. That's evolution :-)
    I like the big drum, the long tank and shorter seat - but it is a real nice work in any step. Congratulations!

  2. Perfect bikes!
    Kudos, Phil y Bread