Saturday, February 27, 2010

90 engine

I found out that the gaskets I have for S90 are for the newer style casings and won't fit my old style engine, so new gaskets have been found on ebay that should fit. Just have to wait until they get in. Cranckshaft and gearbox have been checked for clearances in the casings, but then I ran into a problem......
the clutch driveplate is cracked

So that was the end of enginework for now, all other parts are checked, ready to fit when the correct gaskets arrive, but now I also have to find some new clutch parts.

To continue work, I reassembled all the empty casings into a mockup engine so I can make the intake manifold and maybe some more parts like fairing stays and exhaust.
First problem when putting the engine back in the frame, was the bottom enginemount bolt, it doesn't fit past the footrestbrackets.

To be able to take out the engine without disassembling the footrests, I replaced the bottom bolt for a stud.

The front hole of the footrestbrackets allmost alligns with the enginemount, so that the stud can be pushed through.

And then it slides into the frame.

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