Sunday, February 21, 2010

started on the 90 engine

The SS50 race-engine is off the workbench, so I have room to start on the 90 engine.

As I was working on the footpegs, I had a centerstand bolted under the engine, so to take it out I first had to finish the footpeg mountings.

What I ended up with for the bottom mount of the brackets, are some alloy bushings centered to the holes in the frame, then drilled from the other side thru the bracket so that I have asymetrical holes in the bushings. Still have to make some special washers for the inside of the frame and get some nice, possibly original, bolts, and I want to turn the outside on the lathe so it looks centered with the bracket. But for now the bike can stand to take out the engine.

Not much left of the bike when the engine is out.
Then started on the engine, just some little checks for now. Only modification is the blocking of the oilpipe that goes to the primary drive, as this is a bit redundant and takes away oilflow to the cilinderhead, where it is needed.

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