Sunday, February 28, 2010


making the flange fit to the port, later a piece of bent tube will be welded to this, but before that is done, it is much easier to match it all up.

All welded, with a piece on the top that was turned on the lathe to fit the CBX1000 rubber that also fits my carb.
There are some edges that needed work, so it is filled up with copper to make it all smooth later.
Fitted to the bike, still needs some work though, rounding the edges, smoothing out the connection at the carb and then some paint.

Not sticking out too much.
Now I can just reach the adjustment screws that are fitted to the right side of the carb.

I suspect this carb was intended for a CB125J, where it would be fitted to the other side of the bike so that all the adjustment screws, tickler and throttlecable would be more accessible.

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