Sunday, February 14, 2010

There was one thing left to do, to get the SS50 "race"-engine closed up and that was the timing cover. I am using a newer style 12V cranckshaft that was laying around, that fitted my imitation inner rotor ignition, what means I have a longer cranck that wouldn't fit under the old 6V cover.

In the old days, poeple used to make big alloy plates between covers for extra cooling, with that in mind I decided to make an alloy ring with fins.

Okay, it still needs some polishing to get it finished, but is does the job. Might be a little much combined with the Kijima finned cover, so I might change that for an original cover. But if this will actually be raced, I need all the cooling I can get.

And some pictures of the complete engine.
In the background you can see the 26mm CB72 carb that will be mounted to it.

The polished left head cover will be changed for some type of homemade revcounter drive, but that is another long-term project......

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