Monday, February 1, 2010

The making of the Clip-on bars

Homemade clip-on bars before brazing

Made from thinwall 22mm tent poles to save weight

brazed with silver, endcaps were made from steel bar for the top end, the bottom has a rounded end just like original honda bars, made from M16 domed nuts that were turned on the lathe.

when finished you can hardly see that the rounded end was a seperate piece, here painted and mounted on my project.

Also visible that the front hub has been laced to a DID 18x1.50 rim from an MT125R productionracer, rear wheel will be done later.

Front forks are original CS90 with new stantions from a CB125J that were shortened by 6cm.
Chrome rings under tripple tree were replaced with alluminium rings to support the springs.
The top plate has been left original, including winker stays, as this is also visible in the pictures of the early "factory" CS90 racer. Maybe I will change it for something alloy someday to save weight.

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