Friday, February 12, 2010


Been thinking about the footpegs last week.

Not only do they need to look good, but most importantly they need to be in the right location for me to have a comfortable seating position, to be able to take corners the way I want. You don't want them too far back, because you will be resting on the bars and won't be able to perform minor steering corrections.
Also you don't want them too far down, as they will restrict groundclearance, too high will restrict my movement on the bike.

I could use CB72 cast alloy brackets as seen on some of the original RSC machines, or make a tubular subframe from the rear shock mount to the swingarm-pivotbolt or middle enginemountbolt.
The second option would be more work and I do like the look of the cast alloy plates, so I started with fitting these. They stand pretty wide, what will be a drawback with groundclearance, but I have them and they can be fitted fairly simple.

I made a spacer for mounting the brackets to the swingarm-pivotbolt that also centers the bracket, as a CB72 has a 14mm bolt where the S90 only has a 12mm bolt.

Made from an old wheelspacer. This keeps the plates away from the swingarm, so they can't hit it.

Here you see it mounted, the thin bit is sticking into the bracket, just so far that it doesn't get clamped when the bolt is tightened.

And then this is the sideview, fitted on the brackets are CYB72 footpegs, I don't know if they are both original, but I suspect they are. Have tried original CB72 pegs, and CB72 pillionpegs, but none had a comfortable position. Will have to make cusom bolts to mount the pegs to the brackets as the threads are M12x1.5, not a standard bolt.

And then the next problem, the bottom mounting point isn't centered with the holes in the frame.

Still thinking about how to make supports for this that won't look bodged.
And don't mind the footrests with centerstand that are bolted under the enigine, I just needed something to keep the bike up while working on the footpegs.

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