Monday, February 8, 2010

SS50 racing engine

Haven't done anything for the CS90 engine yet, I really want to take my time for that, as it will be the first pre-1970 honda motor I will build. And I know that the 60's stuff is not as simple as the 70's stuff, learned that from my fathers CB72 racers.

I am now busy to clear my workbench from the SS50 engine that is also on there, to make room for building the CS90. The SS50 engine will also get some race-tuning, flowed ports, racing cam, clutch moved to primairy gearbox shaft, 5speed gearbox and small modifications to valves and rockers as seen in these pictures:

homemade thin copper headgasket, higher compression and reusable
made the valvestems thinner where they stick into the ports, to let more air by and also to reduce weight, will do this for the CS90 also.
lightened rockers, saves 4grams compared to standard

and this would be the pile of parts that might someday become an SS50 racer, and would get the engine that I am now building. Most parts left over from my other projects.

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